My name is Theo Breheny and I am a Sound Designer for games.

I've been a music producer of various styles for seven years and a sound designer for three years. Originally from England, I studied a BA (Hons) in Music Production in Germany from 2017-2020. I have since graduated and returned to England where I am working as a freelance sound designer for games.

I have a wide range of influences, here's a few that come to mind: The evocative soundtrack of OoT, Dark Souls' atmospheric voice acting and boss themes, Celeste's incredibly satisfying sound design and music, Hyper Light Drifter's raw sound design and soundtrack.

I am available to: 

  • Compose music for your game

  • Design bespoke sound effects

  • Implement audio (FMOD/Wwise)

Please check out my portfolio above, or just shoot me an email.

I'd love to hear from you!


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